A trophy can be a lifetime reminder of the team, the event and the people with whom we shared the moments. It’s a reward for being a part of something. Our trophies are of the highest  quality and the years we have spent learning the engraving and mounting of presentation trophies can be your best foot forward in rewarding the team.



Awards and Plaques

A plaque is something we see on successful walls. It recognizes achievements in life as well as sports. Our product will last and is crafted with the finest woods, metals and other woods. Whatever the accomplishment, it can shine like the achievement itself.



Custom Engraving

The engraver is trusted with the surface. A high level of skill is required to “Do it the old way”. That is the way that looks authentic. That authenticity is to be seen and treasured.



Welcome to ClarksvilleTaps

Dear Page’s Sporting Goods Customers:
As you have probably heard, the Page family is getting out of the business after decades of serving our community. I have had the pleasure of working for Ronnie for many years on the trophy and engraving side; I’d like to thank him for a great run.
I am excited to announce that the Page’s have graciously allowed me to acquire the equipment needed to begin my own venture. Clarksville Trophies, Awards, and Plaques (Clarksville TAPS) will offer you the same personable, quality service you have always relied on with some added options I believe you may find convenient. In addition to well-crafted products, you will now be able to access online ordering, bill pay, and even no-charge delivery. I will also be happy to take phone orders, process purchase orders, and accept paper checks if you’d prefer.
I wish Ronnie and his family all of the happiness in the next chapter of their lives and cannot thank them enough for the years of friendship. I appreciate their trust in me to continue serving our community.
Starting March 5th if you need to place an order, you can either call me at (931) 216-7678, contact Ronnie, or send an email to
I look forward to hearing from you.
Scott Jackson


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